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Over the last several years the standards for filing bankruptcy have risen greatly due to people who would abuse bankruptcy law in order to avoid wanton abuse of credit card debt, today the requirements are more rigid.

For most people filing bankruptcy is a last resort, but for taxpayers left with no other option to be relieved of their tax liability bankruptcy is their only option. There are numerous types of income taxes, subject to increased regulations, that will qualify to be discharged through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

There are many reasons it may be necessary for you to file for bankruptcy protection such as protecting your home and vehicle or other assets. If you would like a free full explanation or consultation on filing for bankruptcy call our bankruptcy specialist at who will help you ascertain whether you will meet the strict criteria necessary to file for bankruptcy protection.


1. Tax return owed is due more than 3 years prior to filing for bankruptcy.

2. Tax returns were filed two or more years prior to filing for bankruptcy.

3. The tax liability was assessed more than 240 days prior to filing of the   bankruptcy petition.

4. The tax liability is not due on Trust Fund Tax

5. The taxpayer did not attempt to evade, defeat, or file fraudulent tax returns.

6. The tax was not assessable at the time of the filing of bankruptcy.

7. The tax was unsecured.

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