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There are a number of issues that come into play under this particular tax code, but the IRS sees this as a very serious enforcement issue, as they estimate as much as $49 billion dollars in unpaid payroll taxes are outstanding to date.

Due to the current economic crises and the new administration, the Federal Government has stepped up it’s enforcement efforts and are taking stronger action against anyone they determine is in violation of the Payroll Tax/Trust Fund code, which is the name failure to pay your payroll taxes is given. If it is determined that you do in fact owe delinquent payroll taxes, it is essential that you contact us at once, before any action is taken against you. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you are responsible for delinquent payroll taxes our tax consultant specializing in Payroll Tax/ Trust Fund law will advise you as to the exact nature of your liability and the proper course of action to resolve this before any levy, lien, or even criminal action occurs. You can reach our senior analyst by calling who can determine if you will qualify for relief of this tax liability

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